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Words by Zai Holder, Editor, Marc Pridmore Designs

Experience the Tommy Bahama Furniture Lifestyle

Tommy Bahama furniture creates the feel of island living through casually sophisticated designs. This resort style luxury furniture fuses exotic materials and rich finishes to create eclectic furnishings that transport you to another place.

Tommy Bahama takes its inspiration from the natural features of unique landscapes around the globe—the rugged terrain of the Australian outback, or the lush rainforest of a tropical island.

Always in style, Tommy Bahama luxury home furnishings stand the test of time and are built to last.

Marc Pridmore Designs will help you create your own personal island escape with pieces by Tommy Bahama.

Get Away, While Staying Home.

Each of us has a vivid mental image of paradise – where nature’s beauty inspires us, the weather is sublime and every day feels like one long weekend. At Tommy Bahama, we believe that achieving an island state of mind should be as easy as walking through your own back door into a private outdoor retreat. Whether that retreat is lakeside, in the mountains or on the ocean’s shore, we invite you to create your own piece of paradise with the casual elegant style of Tommy Bahama…a relaxed approach to the finer things in life.



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