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Wallpaper by: Arte
Wallpaper by: Arte - Masquerade


Words by Zai Holder, Editor, Marc Pridmore Designs

The ultimate in opulent decadence, Schonbeck chandeliers, with their beautiful crystal glass elements, become the centerpiece of any room. Shonbeck has mastered the art of crystal making and offers a variety of options, including Swarovski Elements, SPECTRA® CRYSTAL, Legacy Crystal®, and many others. Each piece is designed to stand the test of time and will be passed down through the generations.

Shonbeck lamps and wall sconces are exquisitely crafted with beautiful crystal elements and a variety of metallic finishes, including Florentine Bronze, Parchment Gold, and Roman Silver.

From geometrical to traditional forms, Schonbeck draws its inspiration from classic European crystal chandeliers and lighting. Marc Pridmore Designs will help you find the right Schonbeck lighting feature or help you create a unique design all your own by combining different elements.



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