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Words by Zai Holder, Editor, Marc Pridmore Designs

Leather says something about us.  It says something about our personal style, our sense of fashion and our appreciation for fine materials and lasting value. Fashion is about choices. When you walk into your closet in the morning you get dressed, you make choices about what your going to put on your body, what you’re going to wear for the day; leather functions the same way in a room. It’s warm, its organic, it’s natural; it’s beautiful; it’s more durable than fabrics. From the textures, variations of colors and richness, leather is beautifully versatile. Leather is iconic from handbags two jackets from shoes to briefcases leather represents classic and timeless style. Fine leather furniture shares the same craftsmanship of the finest Italian Shoes & Handbags; for fashion extends beyond the runway and into almost every room in your home or office.

For those with exquisite taste fashion is a way of life rather than a passing trend, and leather is the essential elements in the fine art of Living Well.   Hancock and Moore begins their process by selecting premium hides from across the globe. Germany, Italy, Argentina, and China. While a single quality hide might make a couple designer handbags, it takes five complete hides 250 square feet of leather to create one Hancock and Moore Sofa.   Leather is the cornerstone of Hancock and Moore furniture. Countless hours are devoted to hand selecting the finest leathers being produced today. The leathers are selected for a natural appearance, but distinctive patterns that impart unique character. No two hides are exactly alike and the end result is an individual masterpiece as unique as the person who buys it. Hancock and Moore has about 500 leather variations available in multiple grades, styles, color choices and textures; one of the largest inventories in the industry.

The largest collection of Hancock & Moore leather sofas, chairs, executive chairs, recliners and sectionals can be found here at the Marc Pridmore Designs Furniture Store in Costa Mesa, CA.

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