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Words by Zai Holder, Editor, Marc Pridmore Designs

Harley F. Shuford, Sr. is the man at the heart of the Century Furniture Company. As the founder of Century, he set out to create furniture that was of impeccable quality, created to add joy to the homes of all of his customers. Established in 1947, the furniture made by the company still reflects Mr. Shuford’s vision of providing exceptional quality that would make the company’s name the first choice for luxury furniture around the world. The dedication that has persisted in making that vision a reality through three generations has made the brand one of the most revered among home furnishings makers today. This persistence is why we at Marc Pridmore Designs is proud to make Century Furniture a part of our selection of exceptional luxury furniture.

Fine craftsmanship, impeccable design, and unsurpassed quality are the traits that set this furniture apart, even among other brands of high-end furniture. It is also available in more than 2000 fabrics, trims, and leathers to give you the options you need to customize the look in any room. Every piece of furniture that you purchase from Century will receive the attention to detail that will ensure that it is exactly what you had in mind. When nothing short of perfection will do, this is the brand that brings together the best in quality and style to give you the luxurious furnishings you’ll want to live with forever. Every piece from this collection symbolizes the vision that started it all.



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