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Carson By Marge Carson

Words by Zai Holder,

Carson By Marge Carson Has Arrived!

It has been long known that Marge Carson has been one of the most versatile and sought after furniture brands.  With the quality level, materials used and options offered, one would only expect the manufacturer to be at the higher end of the furniture industry.  But now, for the first time in the 68 year old company’s history, Marge Carson has launched Carson by Marge Carson. The CARSON brand consists of 4 furniture collections, all of them different in aesthetic. The new brand exhibits the same quality standards and materials used in the Carson by Marge Carson brand, but offered at 25% to 35% lower prices than it’s parent brand.

The need for CARSON stems from a need for quick turn-around in todays face paced world.  CARSON by Marge Carson fills that niche for consumers who are interested in the same designer look and quality but also desire a better value and fast availability.  The only difference between Marge Carson and the CARSON brand is the customization options are not offered in CARSON.

The CARSON by Marge Carson brand will emphasize the Marge Carson design aesthetic and quality standards in concise, curated collections at 25% to 35% lower price points.

Aria Panel Bed from CARSON by Marge Carson

A familiar silhouette has been used on the Aria Panel bed from parent brand Marge Carson’s Vouvray Poster Bed.

The CARSON brand is designed to appeal to those who aspire to the finest hand crafted furniture and who are interested in a simplified purchase. Unlike the thousands of custom fabric, trim, finish and hardware combinations available in the Marge Carson line, the CARSON line will offer pre-selected luxurious correlate fabrics and carefully chosen standard finishes, trim and hardware. The company will debut CARSON in three collections of bedroom, dining room and occasional, as well as an assortment of upholstered furniture at the April High Point Market.

“The collections, which are each approximately 25 pieces, include Aria, a classic European traditional assortment with French and Italian influences; Harmony, a casual contemporary collection in a warm taupe-gray finish with textural and architectural elements, and Lyric, an elegant transitional collection with a light-hearted combination of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern influences with some artisan touches.

CARSON also includes a comprehensive upholstery program called Concierge offering eight fabric correlate presentations for two sectionals and four sofa styles in 86 and 96-inch sofa widths with three base options. Four chairs are also offered in Concierge.” -Christine Rendino


The three new collections debuting as part of the new CARSON brand launch by luxury furniture maker Marge Carson bring together a variety of style flavors in musical themes. In launching the new brand, we wanted to incorporate the notes of transitional, contempoary and traditional design in a way that would resonate in a visually-pleasing symphony of style,” said Christine Rendino, director of design.

While the Aria, Harmony and Lyric collections have distinct design inspirations, one commonality is that they each feature hand-crafted designer hardware that combines silver and gold colorations. For example, the Lyric hardware combines polished brass and silver antique mirror, and the Harmony and Aria collections both feature hardware combining polished brass and polished nickel. “The hardware gives the ability to transition to warm or cool interiors,” said Rendino. “The incorporation of both gold and silver and the mixing of metals is so important in jewelry, fashion and home decor today.”

Here’s a snapshot of each of the approximately 25-piece CARSON by Marge Carson collections:

The Aria Collection by Carson

Aria is a distillation of everything classic European traditional, with its primary notes in French traditional, accented by some classical Italian design,” Rendino said. The pieces are crafted in character-filled swirl ash and accented by an Aged Gold trim with two-tone polished brass and polished nickel hardware. The distinctive dining table top and panel bed headboard, along with other surfaces, feature a walnut diamond pattern inlay highlighted by the aged gold trim. Inset panels on the credenza doors are in antique mirror handpainted in the diamond pattern. Classic European metal in swirled shapes is featured on console and table legs and pediments.  See the full collection here.

Aria Console AR06 Carson by Marge Carson

The Harmony Collection by Carson

harmony_console carson by marge carson

A taupe-gray finish, architectural and sculptural elements, multi-textural fabrics, stone tops and unexpected design elements come together for a sophisticated casual statement. “Harmony contrasts the warmth of the taupe gray finish and juxtaposes linear geometric shapes with soft sculptural shapes,” Rendino said. The collection is crafted of Ash Burl accented with straight-grain ash in a criss-cross pattern on some surfaces. In an unexpected twist, the dining table Parson’s legs are set on angled diamond-like ferrules for a glamorous and architectural effect. The collection is accented by stainless steel as well as a Cashmere Silver leaf accent. The upholstered panel bed headboard features a geometric high-low pattern fabric in a neutral pebble/taupe color.

harmony_dining_table carson by marge carson

The Lyric Collection by Carson

lyric_credenza carson by marge carson

This dressy transitional collection crafted of Ropey Cherry in a swirled cathedral effect is inspired by a light-hearted combination of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern influences. Statement pieces include the dining table and desk tops featuring a scattering of confetti-like ebony blocks in contrast to the warm brown Cherry finish. Tables and table bases have sculptural shapes. The accent finishes include Cavier and a Cashmere Gold Leaf on the metal bases and other elements. Black glass is used on many of the tops.

lyric_desk carson by marge carson


The upholstery line in the new CARSON brand, called Concierge, offers eight fabric correlate presentations for two sectionals, four chairs and four sofa styles in 86 and 96-inch sofa widths with three base options. The Concierge look is “casual with cleaner lines and lighter scale with a comfortable family room appeal,” said Christine Rendino, Marge Carson director of design.

concierge_sectional_carson by marge carson

Eight correlated fabric presentations range from neutral ivory to warmer copper tones to stylish gray colorations. The four sofa styles include a track arm, channeled arm, tufted arm and wedge arm. There are three base options including a leg base or a wood plinth base available in any of the CARSON wood finishes and a built-to-the-floor base.

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